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This procedure is the procedure that Airborne Representation Limited trading as Skybreak (“Skybreak”, “we” or “us”) will follow for the purposes of dealing with left or lost property that comes into our possession. 


On receipt of a passenger enquiry regarding lost property items, we will endeavour to locate the ‘missing item’ from our central inventory. If we identify an item of similar description, we will notify the passenger by return email (to the email address provided to us), notifying of the item’s current whereabouts. We hold items at Gatwick for the time periods specified below and if we are holding the item we believe to belong to an identified passenger, we will notify the passenger and ask the passenger to attend the Your Service Centre desk at Gatwick Airport South Terminal for the passenger to check whether the item belongs to them and if the passengers confirms and identifies that it is, we will return the item to the passenger. By asking the passenger to attend Your Service Desk, we make no promise that the item we are holding of similar description actually belongs to the passenger.


We are committed to reuniting passengers with their property wherever possible.  Should a passenger request, we may be able to send items directly to a passenger via a third party.  Please note, that any items delivered will be subject to that third party’s separate terms and conditions, which a passenger will need to agree to through the Passenger Acknowledgement Form where additional delivery fees will apply, in addition to the fees listed below.  If a passenger chooses to collect any lost property items from our Service Centre Desk, the passenger will not be charged any additional delivery fees.


Please note that any return we make to a passenger is subject to the terms of our Passenger Acknowledgement Form, which must be completed prior to collection.  If collection of an item is pre-arranged with us, we will send the passenger the Passenger Acknowledgement Form electronically for the passenger to complete and bring with them, prior to collection. Should a passenger not bring the Passenger Acknowledgement Form with them, a passenger may be asked to present email confirmation from us confirming collection arrangements for a passenger’s item or be asked to complete another Passenger Acknowledgement Form at our desk.  Release of the item in question will be at our sole discretion and shall only be made once we have a completed signed Passenger Acknowledgement Form from a passenger. 


By providing us with requested information, a passenger is authorising us to check whether we are holding an item and, if we are, to return it to a passenger subject to the terms of the Passenger Acknowledgement Form. Under these terms, a passenger will be required to sign the Passenger Acknowledgement Form on collection and to pay us the applicable administration and handling fee as specified in the item category document attached. The items we hold and the applicable charges are listed below in the schedule of fees. However, please note we do not handle all items and sometimes we or the airline will need to refer customers to a third party, where their terms will apply.


The terms listed below are for items located and held by Airborne Representation Limited trading as Skybreak only.















0-30 days


31-60 days

Retention period

Category 1

Wallets, electrical items, glasses, keys and expensive jewellery



60 days, with a right to sell such items following such retention period

Category 2

Rucksacks, handbags and shopping bags, perfume and other items not covered in Category 1 or 3



60 days unless damaged, with the contents being dealt with according to the categories detailed in this policy

Category 3

Clothing, books



60 days (unless damaged and therefore will be disposed of immediately), and then donated to charity


Disposable items

We classify the following as disposable items and therefore we shall be entitled to dispose or destroy these items upon receipt by us, without any responsibility or liability to the passenger.  These items include, but are not limited to, individual credit cards, newspapers, magazines, water bottles, soft drinks and food.


Hazardous items

We are entitled to withhold possession from individuals any hazardous items that may come into our possession, including (but not limited to) knives, weapons, gas or other chemicals or potentially hazardous liquids. We will liaise with any applicable authorities in relation to such items and may dispose of these separately and in line with any guidance we receive from applicable authorities, without having to retain such items for any period of time.


If a passenger fails to collect any items (or receive them following delivery), we reserve the right to dispose or sell any category of item without a passenger’s permission following the Retention Periods stated above.  We are also under no obligation to try and contact a passenger regarding the sale of their item following the relevant retention period.  In the case of the sale of any item, a passenger will not be entitled to any proceeds.


If a passenger cannot collect the item themselves, a passenger can nominate a representative to collect the item on their behalf.  In order for us to release the item, a passenger will need to let us know the name of the person collecting the item and we will need to see their ID on collection.  We will not release any items to individuals who we have not recorded as collecting on a passenger’s behalf.








  1. We have been appointed to provide lost property return services in connection with certain property (Lost Property”). Under our appointment, we have the right to charge a fee to any person we reunite with property they have lost or misplaced.


  1. We are not required to release or deliver any Lost Property to a person unless:

2.1. we reasonably believe the person is the rightful owner of the Lost Property;

2.2. the person accepts the terms of and signs this Passenger Acknowledgement Form; and

2.3. the person pays the Return Fee specified above and any applicable delivery fee.


  1. By collecting or requesting delivery of the Lost Property Item specified below, you (as the passenger) acknowledge and agree that:

3.1. you are the rightful owner of the Lost Property Item;

3.2. we have no contractual relationship with you, but to the extent we owe any duty of care to you or have any other obligations to you, you agree and acknowledge that:

3.2.1. our obligations to you are limited to using reasonable skill and care to store the Lost Property Item for the period we are in possession of it and to return it to you if you reasonably satisfy us that you own it;

3.2.2. to the fullest permitted by law, our maximum liability to you in connection with the Lost Property Item, whether in tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty or otherwise is limited to GBP 50; and

3.2.3. we shall not be responsible to you or any third party for any loss of data which may have been stored within the Lost Property Item; and

3.2.4. you shall be responsible for any losses or expenses we incur in connection with any claim made by a third-party alleging ownership of the Lost Property Item.


  1. Even so, we may for any reason and in our discretion agree to pay you an amount which exceeds GPB 50 as a gesture of goodwill. If we do so, this does not constitute a waiver of the limitations set out in this Passenger Acknowledgement Form and does not constitute any admission of liability to you on our part.


  1. If any provision of this Passenger Acknowledgement Form shall be held to be illegal, void, invalid or unenforceable, the legality, validity and enforceability of the remainder of it shall not be affected.


  1. This Passenger Acknowledgement Form and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales.