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Fying with Ryannair from Gatwick Airport?

Skybreak are proud to represent Ryannair at Gatwick Airport


Arguably one of the most famous budget carriers, Ryanair is an airline that has undergone huge expansion within the last decade.

The airline was created in 1985 and at that point offered short flights between Waterford in Ireland and London and the aircraft was a small 14 seat Embraer.

Nowadays, Ryanair operates around 300 Boeing aircraft, the airline has over 40 bases and offers over 1,100 different routes to locations throughout Europe and North Africa.

Ryanair are famed for offering headline grabbing cheap fares and for following the low cost model of offering a ‘no frills' service, meaning that extras such as food, drink, airport check-in, additional luggage and making payment by ‘non preferred' cards.

Their cheap fares and choice of 165 different destinations has meant that Ryanair has evolved into one of Europe's largest airline carriers.

Skybreak is very pleased to offer an airport representation service on behalf of Ryanair at Gatwick Airport. As Ryanair do not have a customer service team operating within Gatwick Airport, Skybreak provide a high level of customer care to Ryanair passengers who may have queries relating to their flight. Skybreak actually have a designated point at the desk where Ryanair customers can check in or make payment for additional luggage.

Skybreak also offers a last minute booking service within the airport should you find out that your flight is cancelled or should you miss your flight. If this happens to you, simply make your way to the Skybreak desk where we will search through all available flights to find you the next available or most appropriate flights which you can book immediately at the desk. Skybreak's services can take away a lot of the stress that can arise if you have queries regarding your flight or if you can't travel on your booked flight for whatever reason.

Skybreak hope you have an enjoyable trip and a very pleasant flight with Ryanair!

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